Using proceeds from the sale of our products and support from generous donors, in 2017 Her Best Foot Forward launched a new social enterprise - UhuruPads - Tanzania's first 100% compostable and biodegradable sanitary pads! Today, UhuruPads employs 13 women who make enough pads to allow us to donate an annual supply to over 5000 girls, keeping them in school with confidence and dignity.

Aligning with our mission to facilitate girls' education, this new enterprise runs on technology developed by Aakar Innovations of India. Each student receiving our product also receives undergarments and health and hygiene information  not presently available. Our goal is to ensure that understanding that menstruation is healthy and natural part  and make available safe, sustainable products without environmental degradation.

In addition, we continue to support vetted charities which provide clean water and school uniforms for girls in the communities where our work initially began in Tanzania.

An UhuruPads Menstrual Hygiene Ambassadors With School Girls In Tanzania